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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How to Track Realtime using GPS In Android - Dont ask your friend location next time

hi guys,
Now everyone have Android mobile phones, Did you know you can track your friends/Family members/Vehice in realtime ? its simple

Application :
If you're in family tour using 3 vehicles and one car is slow/fast and you're confused, whether the other cars in right path or crossed us or far behind us ..?? you and other all 3 members can track all cars in realtime with speed, exact location, altitude, last point and more.

If you and your friend is planned to meet in one place means, you can track your friends exact location, so you're not afraid whether he is late or not, if he is on the way means, you already know it.

How to Track ?
Requirement :  Android Mobile or IOS mobile and 2 free apps, yeah thats it nothing other.

Example :
If you planned to track 3 friends each other, that is all 3 know other location in realtime, if he is moving means, speed in km/h, battery percentage, altitude.

All 3 friends have to install these 2 Android app

First app "Traccar Client"

Second app "GPS Monitor"

Step 1 :
Install both app in all friends mobile (totally you're 3 friends means, install both apps in 3 mobiles).

Step 2 :
Enable GPS.

Step 3 :
Visit this page

they have 3 demo servers, you can choose any one, i choosed demo2

Second demo server

Device configuration parameters for the server:
  • Domain name: demo2.traccar.org
  • IP address:
  • Port number: device specific
 Step 4 :
Now open the domain name in browser, as i choosed the second demo server, it's address is http://demo2.traccar.org

Now enter your email address and enter any password and click "Register".
it move to next map page once registered, now close the browser, as you have registered account.

Step 5 :
Open "Traccar Client" app.

Device Identifier - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Its mostly your mobile IMEI number, dont edit, just copy the number, we have to paste this in another app "GPS Monitor"

Server address : demo2.traccar.org
As we're going to use demo2 server and registered there, so enter demo2 server address.

Server Port : 5055
As Android mobile use 5055 port, leave it as default.

Frequency : 20
This means, how much interval or time between to track the device, if it is set as 20 means, it send your location every 20 seconds, that is 3 times per minute, 4320 times per day, that result in increase data usage, better high value reduce data consumption.

Location Provider : GPS Provider
Just choose GPS provider as default.

Step 6 :
Click "Start" in Traccar client.

Step 7 :
Open "GPS Monitor" app 

Enter "demo2.traccar.org" in hostname or ip address
Enter your username and password you registerd in demo2 server and login, please use that tick box to remember, so next time you no need to enter login details again.

 Step 8 :
now it logged in and show one map, just click anyhere in map, it show 3 options (Add devices, settings, Logout) - click "Add devices", so it ask name and device id, give name as your name and then paste the device id you copied from step 5.

thats it, now one device (your device) is able to track.

now copy the device id of your other 2 friends and name them (their name) in "Add device", so you're able to track them in realtime with speed too.

Enjoy tracking with fun.

Ask your doubt here, will reply.