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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Virtual Private Network(VPN) Boon to Privacy in Internet

Note able to access Facebook, orkut, Youtube in College, Office......?
Your country blocked some websites/Website blocked your country visitors.......? this is for you.

                              Guys, today i am going to reveal the VPN(Virtual private Network), First i will explain what is VPN(Virtual private Network)..? and what the benefits of VPN(Virtual private Network)..?

First, What is VPN(Virtual private Network)......?
                        Simply VPN is a path or way, which route our traffic(through which our traffic flows).
For eg: if we are in India/australia means, our ip(internet Protocal) address is belong to that countries. so if some countries blocked particular country means(none of ip of that country will access the website)
[Read this, for How to check your ip and How to use it efficiently]

Reason behind not accessing the website:
There are 3 reason, which cause/prohibit from accessing the particular website,
First one is, Website banned our country ip's (or) allow only their country visitors.

    * Netflix - Allow only US(Unites states visitor)
    * Hulu - Allow only US(Unites states visitor)
    * Tons of sites are there, which allow only particular ip.

Second one is, Country(where we live) bans some website, which against their own law

    *  Gulf countries banned Youtube.
    *  some countries banned facebook.
Third one is, Our Computer administrator may block some ip's
    * Mostly in Colleges/working environmen, We are not able to access Facebook/Orkut/Youtube, reason is this only.

Then How to access the blocked websites....?
Answer is 
    * Proxy,
    * ip changer/ip changing,
    * VPN(Virtual private Network)

Proxy :
But we are all know, Proxy is not safe(using creditcard/bank details/login in gmail is dangerous there, may store our info and sell it to hackers or marketing companies).

ip changer/ip changing :
Next is ip changer/ip changing, which is a big task, first we need to check that ip, only we can use if it working perfectly, but it's a time consuming task or we need to buy ip changing software(Yes it automatically change the ip), but it's not free and costly.

VPN(Virtual private Network) :
Remaining only one is VPN(Virtual private Network)

Benefits of VPN(Virtual private Network) :
+  100% Anonymous, privacy is assured
When we enter in to the site means, it store our ip, but in VPN, our ip is not exposed to Internet/Hackers, so it's  safe
+  Doesn't need any software/Install
Yes, no need of any software/Install, simple configuring is enough
+ Doesn't need anything to download
Yes, it doesn't need anything to download. 
+ 100% Secure and Protected

VPN servers are protected by enterprise type of firewalls, and also our data flow in encrypted  form, so we can use our credit card/banking transfer without any worries.
No log files

Yes, No logs, they don't store any our data like proxy sites(which may store data)

How to setup VPN(Virtual private Network) :
For Windows User:

Click "Connect to"  >> "Setup a connection or network"  >> "Connect to a workplace"  >> "No, create new connection" >> "Use my internet connection(VPN)"  >>  "Enter Internet address" (enter the address provided by VPN provider)  >>  "Enter username/password" (enter the username and password provided by VPN provider) >> Click "Connect"
That's all, You are now connected, and everything is open to you with 100% secure  and anonymous.

Free working VPN across World :
Truly, VPN is costly, needs dedicated ip and server it's a server resource consuming one, if lot of users use Media sites like Youtube, Metacafe and last one is bandwidth, Yes server needs high uplink(download from site and, yes it upload to us only) , that's why it is costly

But everthing have some exception, for VPN too, Some VPN Servers are run by contribution, donation, Sponsored and outstanding than the paid one

Free Working US VPN :
gofreevpn is a legit VPN provider, providing US ip, so you can browse website as US citizen, Yes Netflix, Hulu and all is unlocked..