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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Unblock piratebay in india by one click ad free proxy

hi guys,
due to court order in india, most ISP's (Airtel, MTS, vodafone) blocked lot sites http://thepiratebay.se , vimeo ,  dailymotion.

Still videocon doesn't block any sites.

so how to access the blocked sites in india.? 
Answer is simple, through proxy sites.
there are lot of top proxy sites available in internet, but few are trusted and ads free.

How proxy work:
think Piratebay is blocked in our country or college, now we need to access piratebay means, mostly we use Proxy or VPN(Virtual private network). but did you know how proxy works,

it's simple, our ISP(internet servive provider block only Piratebay and so we're not able to access thepiratebay.se domain or site link, but the proxy site domain is not blocked
eg: ihide.info , so when we typed the site url(link) in proxy site and clicked, they simple download the content to there server/pc, then transmit to us from there server/pc, so now the link is from ihide.info, not from piratebay, but the content is from piratebay. that's all site is unblocked

Top ads free high speed proxy site to unlock blocked site like piratebay in india by isp and court:

1)  seecure.me  (ads free high speed proxy site)

2) Annonymous.com

 3) Hidemyass.com