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Monday, September 24, 2012

Adfly skipper - Skip and bypass adfly links

You may heard of link lockers or cash links, Yes you're right, the link is protected or hided or covered with some cash link sites

Top Cash Link Sites:
  • Adfly
  • Adfocus
  • Linkbucks
After clicking the cash links it goes to some random site (mostly used for affiliate marketing or they will try to install malware in pc) and we have to wait for 5 seconds in that Full ad page, after that "Skip ads" button appear in right top of the website, we have to click it manually for reaching the original link or hided links.

Why webmaster use this cash link...??
These cash links pay few mills ($ 0.001) to website owner, depends on geographic location of user.

For top group A countries like USA/UK/Canada , they pay some extra mills, because most of the ads are malware which install in group A country people pc.

There are two ways to skip adfly links

1) Adfly skipper - Skip adfly links 
 It's a small site which skip adfly links instantly, so no more waiting links or clicking.

Paste the adfly url in the box/table specified and click "Skip and show link here" or "open in new tab"(recommended)

Advantage of Adfly skipper:
  • Instant
  • Server side process
  • No ads in Adfly skipper
  • Simple design

2) Userscripts
You have to install Grease monkey addon in firefox , then using greasemonkey you have install seperate userscript.

Client side, so sometime adfly block your ip
Slow browsing in firefox, because script always run in background

If you know any other method means, please post here so i will add in future posts



Saturday, May 19, 2012

Unblock piratebay in india by one click ad free proxy

hi guys,
due to court order in india, most ISP's (Airtel, MTS, vodafone) blocked lot sites http://thepiratebay.se , vimeo ,  dailymotion.

Still videocon doesn't block any sites.

so how to access the blocked sites in india.? 
Answer is simple, through proxy sites.
there are lot of top proxy sites available in internet, but few are trusted and ads free.

How proxy work:
think Piratebay is blocked in our country or college, now we need to access piratebay means, mostly we use Proxy or VPN(Virtual private network). but did you know how proxy works,

it's simple, our ISP(internet servive provider block only Piratebay and so we're not able to access thepiratebay.se domain or site link, but the proxy site domain is not blocked
eg: ihide.info , so when we typed the site url(link) in proxy site and clicked, they simple download the content to there server/pc, then transmit to us from there server/pc, so now the link is from ihide.info, not from piratebay, but the content is from piratebay. that's all site is unblocked

Top ads free high speed proxy site to unlock blocked site like piratebay in india by isp and court:

1)  seecure.me  (ads free high speed proxy site)

2) Annonymous.com

 3) Hidemyass.com


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Download Adobe Flash player Standalone offline Installer

                                              Mostly firefox users  struck with one common problem after the update release by adobe for their Flash player.because the compatibility is very less and most websites like daily motion, youtube update their codes to suite the new released players, mostly for security reasons and high performance.

Adobe flash player offline installer
Download Adobe Flash Player 11 Standalone Installer

Also we have some problem during download using adobe home page,after uninstall or format, we need to download that downloader then it install from web directly so it's doesn't give file for archiving or storing in our pc, because they doesn't posted standalone adobe flash player directly, but it is available.

Adobe Flash player Offline Installer is the latest version

Download Adobe Flash player 11 Standalone Installer 32bit for Firefox, Netscape navigator, Opera, Chrome (Adobe Flash player 11 Offline Installer 32bit for Firefox, Netscape navigator, Opera, Chrome) 
File name : Install_flash_player_11_plugin_32bit.exe
File Size   : 3.59 MB

Download Adobe Flash player 11 Standalone Installer 32bit for Internet Explorer (Adobe Flash player 11 Offline Installer 32bit for Internet Explorer) :
File name : install_flash_player_11_active_x_32bit.exe
File Size: 3.62 MB
Adobe Flash player Standalone offline Installer for Internet Explorer    (for 64bit click here

Adobe Flash Player errors :

3 possible error may occur, they are

1 No Flash video playing in Fiefox, Internet explorer, Normal Players(VLC)
2 Playing in Firefox alone, Not playing in Internet explorer and normal player(VLC)
3 Playing in Firefox and Internet Explorer but not playing in normal player(VLC)

Steps for error rectification
1) Download  Adobe Flash player Standalone uninstaller and click it(It automatically uninstall all older version effectively, uninstall works with this uninstaller only, default uninstall through add/remove program in windows won't work)

download Adobe Flash player Standalone uninstaller 32bit
download Adobe Flash player Standalone uninstaller 64bit

 2) For Windows user
Install all 3 links given below
Adobe Flash player Standalone offline Installer 32bit    64bit
Adobe Flash player Standalone offline Installer for Internet Explorer_32bit    64bit
Adobe Flash Player 11 Debugger_32bit

Yes you have to install all 3, 
First one installs as plugin for browsers like firefox, netscape navigator, opera
Second one installs player or plugin for internet explorer and normal player
Third one fixes some normal player codecs and error

Now play videos in your Pc open with VLC or Sothing Flv player(recommended) seamlessly.

** Flash videos(.flv format) Videos can be played seamlessly in VLC player after installing Adobe Flash player in pc.
[but Sothink FLV player is the #1 flv player - Download flv player ]

Enjoy the direct links .....