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Monday, September 24, 2012

Adfly skipper - Skip and bypass adfly links

You may heard of link lockers or cash links, Yes you're right, the link is protected or hided or covered with some cash link sites

Top Cash Link Sites:
  • Adfly
  • Adfocus
  • Linkbucks
After clicking the cash links it goes to some random site (mostly used for affiliate marketing or they will try to install malware in pc) and we have to wait for 5 seconds in that Full ad page, after that "Skip ads" button appear in right top of the website, we have to click it manually for reaching the original link or hided links.

Why webmaster use this cash link...??
These cash links pay few mills ($ 0.001) to website owner, depends on geographic location of user.

For top group A countries like USA/UK/Canada , they pay some extra mills, because most of the ads are malware which install in group A country people pc.

There are two ways to skip adfly links

1) Adfly skipper - Skip adfly links 
 It's a small site which skip adfly links instantly, so no more waiting links or clicking.

Paste the adfly url in the box/table specified and click "Skip and show link here" or "open in new tab"(recommended)

Advantage of Adfly skipper:
  • Instant
  • Server side process
  • No ads in Adfly skipper
  • Simple design

2) Userscripts
You have to install Grease monkey addon in firefox , then using greasemonkey you have install seperate userscript.

Client side, so sometime adfly block your ip
Slow browsing in firefox, because script always run in background

If you know any other method means, please post here so i will add in future posts